Dental Implant

#What is a dental implant?

Dental Implant is an artificial dental condition or root that is permanently replaced in a dental area lost or thrown inside the jaw bone. The artificial tooth is made of real teeth on this substitute root.

# Which patient is indicated for this treatment?

Any adult can take this treatment. If someone breaks the teeth due to dentistry or
for some other reasons, then if the parts are left inside the mouth, then
remove the broken part and replace the implant in the same place on the same day.
Replace implant with those who have shaky teeth, drop their affected teeth or

# Does the effect of the implants in the human body?

Not at all. Dental Implant is made of titanium alloy, the world’s most expensive
metal material, a biocompatible substance that is fully compatible with human
body bones and does not respond to the human body.

# What is the treatment protocol?

This procedure is to be completed two to four times. It takes an hour to set up an
implant.The first day dental implant was established. After the integration
with the implant bone, ceramic made teeth are placed on the implant.The
treatment is done through local anesthesia only. As a result, there is no pain during
the treatment.

# How about the cost?

It is impossible to say without seeing the patient. But we can give it in cheaper
price from any other country in the world. Because the cost of surgery is much
higher in this treatment but we have little charge for popularizing the implant
in Bangladesh.

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